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  • Bigfoot Friday
    14 videos

    Bigfoot Friday

    14 videos

    Authentic bigfooters discuss their finds with Connie and Blue Rockers Live. with pics, audio and more when available. This is the REAL DEAL!

  • Parker Duvall Spiritual Journey into the Cryptid!

    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents:
    Bigfoot Friday
    Connie's long time friend Parker Duvall tells of his Spiritual Journey into the Cryptid World! They laugh and get serious discussing past experiences they had together, then shared more recent experiences and some very revealing pictures ...

  • Bigfoot Friday: Farlan Huff's Glyphs!

    Bigfoot Friday with Farlan Huff and his glyph pics!
    He has many great pics with many great thoughts to go along with them!

  • Creepy Cryptid Accounts (CRYPTID 559)

    BLUE ROCK TALK TV presents:
    Bigfoot Friday: Cryptid 559!

    Blue Rocker Cryptid 559, otherwise known as Javier, and Jesus will talk about the area they feel is similar to Skinwalker Ranch!
    Also UFO Encounters, Dogman Encounters and the ole growing up in a haunted house story, most of us can relate....

  • Big Hairy Men Throwing Big-Ass Rocks (Mel Skahan)

    Bigfoot Friday! Mel Skahan

    Meet Mel, he is loved by all that meet him!
    A person who has been interested in the forest people known as bigfoot since a child growing up on the Yakama Reservation. His interest peaked as an adult whose first experience was working for the forestry program of the tri...

  • Blair Squatch Project! (Sasquatch Journey)

    Blue Rock Talk TV w/Connie Willis presents:
    Bigfoot Friday: Blair Squatch Project!

    Blue Rockers Ingrid and Tony Durant of Sasquatch Journey have had quite an experience this past weekend. They are still processing and plan to tell us in as much detail, video an...

  • At the Campfire with Thom! (Thom Cat Cantrall)

    🖖 At the Campfire with Thom!
    Blue Rocker, author, researcher, speaker and more: Thom "Cat" Cantrall giving us a LIVE tribute with accounts he chooses to tell tonight!

    An impromptu show and one to be here for. Thom has tested postivie for the v...

  • Bigfoot Keeps Jeep from Leaving Forest! (Brenda Harris)

    Bigfoot Friday: Brenda Harris Round 2!

    Brenda is back with more real Bigfoot encounters! Steve Bachman cameo!

    Recommended highly by Dave Oz with pics to show!

    " My name Brenda Harris I'm a housewife, married have three adult children. I'm a bigfoot investigator/researcher for 25 + yrs. I h...

  • How to Determine Bigfoot Prints (Thom Cat Cantrall)

    Bigfoot Friday: How to determine Bigfoot prints and more!
    Connie Chats live with Thom "Cat" Cantrall, he shows us how to determine Bigfoot prints and more:

    1. What can you learn from a footprint?
    2. If you want to know his height and his weight... how can you determine that?
    Watch to learn some...

  • Walking Bigfoot (Brenda Harris)

    Bigfoot Friday: Brenda Harris
    Recommended highly by Dave Oz with pics to show!

    Brenda Harris is known for her personal experiences with bigfoot and possible skinwalkers at home and field. She has worked alongside with the Finding Bigfoot crew, Travel Channel's Monsters and Mysteries in America, ...

  • Bigfoot Palms (Jason Frank)

    🖖 Blue Rock Talk Presents Bigfoot Friday!
    Jason Frank
    Live show recorded: 1.3.20

    Connie talk's Live with her buddy Jason Frank. Jason has taught me so much and taken me to a hotspot that had me in overload when it came to seeing everything right before my eyes!

    The live chat was hotter than e...

  • Pterodactyl and WT..? (Dave Oz)

    🖖 Blue Rock Talk Presents Bigfoot Friday!
    Bigfoot Friday Dave Oz Part II
    Pterodactyl and WT..?

    Connie Chats with DAVE OZ live a second time with more great pictures to show us including the original shot of the "Huge Sas" from the previous show and a possible pterodactyl?
    Live show recorded: ...

  • Huge Sas! (Dave Oz)

    🖖 Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis Presents Bigfoot Friday!
    Connie hangs out with DAVE OZ talking about the extraordinary pics he shows off. A must watch.
    He's a really nice guy that "gets" with some unreal pics and accounts to share.
    Live show recorded: 11.15.19

    Born in Phoenix, AZ ...

  • Footprints in the Snow Recap (Sasquatch Journey)...

    Bigfoot Friday

    This was show Jan 11, 2019 after Sasquatch Journey took me to their hotspot in THE ROCKIES. We found what we thought appeared to be bigfoot prints in the snow. This was shot live, as always, during really bad weather conditions. You will see some effects of that.

    Please comme...