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Watch this video and more on Connie Willis

Watch this video and more on Connie Willis

At the Campfire with Thom! (Thom Cat Cantrall)

Bigfoot Friday • 2h 0m

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  • Bigfoot Palms (Jason Frank)

    ๐Ÿ–– Blue Rock Talk Presents Bigfoot Friday!
    Jason Frank
    Live show recorded: 1.3.20

    Connie talk's Live with her buddy Jason Frank. Jason has taught me so much and taken me to a hotspot that had me in overload when it came to seeing everything right before my eyes!

    The live chat was hotter than e...

  • How to Determine Bigfoot Prints (Thom...

    Bigfoot Friday: How to determine Bigfoot prints and more!
    Connie Chats live with Thom "Cat" Cantrall, he shows us how to determine Bigfoot prints and more:

    1. What can you learn from a footprint?
    2. If you want to know his height and his weight... how can you determine that?
    Watch to learn some...

  • Huge Sas! (Dave Oz)

    ๐Ÿ–– Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis Presents Bigfoot Friday!
    Connie hangs out with DAVE OZ talking about the extraordinary pics he shows off. A must watch.
    He's a really nice guy that "gets" with some unreal pics and accounts to share.
    Live show recorded: 11.15.19

    Born in Phoenix, AZ ...