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Watch this video and more on Connie Willis

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Extended experiences of Sasquatch Interaction

Bigfoot Friday • 2h 0m

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    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents:
    Bigfoot Friday
    Connie's long time friend Parker Duvall tells of his Spiritual Journey into the Cryptid World! They laugh and get serious discussing past experiences they had together, then shared more recent experiences and some very revealing pictures ...

  • Creepy Cryptid Accounts 559

    BLUE ROCK TALK TV presents:
    Bigfoot Friday: Cryptid 559!

    Blue Rocker Cryptid 559, otherwise known as Javier, and Jesus will talk about the area they feel is similar to Skinwalker Ranch!
    Also UFO Encounters, Dogman Encounters and the ole growing up in a haunted house story, most of us can relate....

  • Big Hairy Men Throwing Big-Ass Rocks ...

    Bigfoot Friday! Mel Skahan

    Meet Mel, he is loved by all that meet him!
    A person who has been interested in the forest people known as bigfoot since a child growing up on the Yakama Reservation. His interest peaked as an adult whose first experience was working for the forestry program of the tri...