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  • Frank Feschino Jr. and The Flatwoods Monster

    Blue Rock Talk presents Classic FireSide Chats with Frank Feschino Jr. talking to me about The Flatwoods Monster!

    Frank has so much research you would not believe it! He could talk for hours on this, and does! We only touch the surface here, and its fantastic stuff! His passion far exceeds anyon...

  • Classic FireSide Expert Chats Collection

    10 videos

    Classic FireSide Experts Chat Collection is fantastic and very telling audio chats by the experts themselves. These are quite famous people that you know: Dr David m Jacobs regressing Alien Abductees, Frank Feschino Jr and the Flatwoods Monster, Dr Roger K. Leir with alien implants, Bishop James ...

  • Stephen Bassett: UFO-ET Disclosure

    Stephen Bassett: UFO-ET Disclosure

    Classic FireSide Chats! Stephen Bassett chats about UFO-ET Disclosure with me when he had a quick break.

    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents a raw interview with Stephen Bassett.

    If Steve cant do it, NOBODY can!!!

    Steve is the hardest working man in t...

  • Bishop James Long: Exorcist!

    Bishop James Long: Exorcist!

    BRT Classics FireSide Chats has me chatting with Bishop James Long a real Exorcist!

    A gifted man and a genuine friend.

    Bishop James Long, Presiding Bishop for the United States Old Catholic Church, is also known for performing 28 real exorcisms at the time I added ...

  • Roswell: Jesse Marcel Jr.

    Blue Rock Talk Classic FireSide Chats with Connie Willis presents:

    Roswell: A Rare Interview with The Late Jesse Marcel Jr.

    I was very blessed and lucky to be one of the only people ever to stay at Jesse's house with his wife and daughter for 4 days. I really learned the family and found Jesse ...

  • Dr David M. Jacobs: Alien Abduction

    Blue Rock Talk presents Classic FireSide Chats

    Dr David M. Jacobs talking about Alien Abduction

    I spent a lot of time with David. He is very intelligent and has done extensive research. I find his books and findings amazing. I enjoyed meeting his wife too, he misses her dearly.

    I hope his s...

  • Dr Roger K Leir: Alien Implants

    Classics FireSide Chats with Dr Roger K Leir, D.P.M. talking to me about Alien Implants

    I never had a chance to meet Roger in person, but spoke to him many times over the phone before and after this interview. I wish he were here longer for so many reasons. He had so much more research to do and...

  • Lloyd Pye: Starchild Skull

    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents a Classic FireSide Chat with Lloyd Pye the Caretaker of The Starchild Skull.

    Blue Rock Talk presents a raw interview with Lloyd Pye, who was a dear friend. He is missed!

    Lloyd studied Hominoids before taking on being the Caretaker of the StarChild!


  • Nancy Talbott: Crop Circles

    Blue Rock Talk's Classic FireSide Chats! Nancy Talbott talks Crop Circles!

    Nancy Talbott: Crop Circles

    NOBODY know crop circles better than Nancy! Thats all that needs to be said! She has unbelievable stories and more research that anyone.

    Check her out here:


  • Lyn Buchanan: Psychic Spy

    🖖 Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents Classic FireSide Chats! I talk with my buddy Lyn Buchanan, a Psychic Spy!

    A very intelligent gentleman that I call a friend...

    Lyn Buchanan was a real true remote viewer for the military in Project Stargate, a Top Secret Program lasting 2 deca...

  • John Smith: Alien Abductee

    John Smith: Alien Abductee

    Blue Rock Talk presents Classic FireSide Chats with an alien abductee John Smith.

    John Smith, at the time of this interview, tells his story. He has driven to a secluded place off the side of the road and is telling his story from his car. When this was recorded he di...