🖖🏼Far out Thursday ~ Discussing Aliens and UFO’s to Remote Viewing and even Bees making honey. 
When live you can join in on the chat. Ask Questions. Even go on stage with the guests, even take a screen shot together.

  • Far Out Thursday Collection

    19 videos

    Entire run thru of Far Out Thursday episodes discussing interesting topics from Aliens to remote viewers to Bees making honey. Pics and audio evidence is also showed when captured. Live shows, then archived!

  • Michael Speaks MetaPhysics

    🖖 Far Out Thursday!
    Blue Rocker Michael Walters Speaks Metaphysics and how life lead him there. 7pmE
    FOR LIVE CHAT GO HERE: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/michaelwalters
    A multi generational marine, who was attached to Second Recon Battalion and currently serves as a Bohemian magistrate. Initiated i...

  • 🖖Lisa Presley True Crime

    🖖 Far Out Thursday: Lisa Presley
    Blue Rocker and yes, relative of The King (look at that face!), Lisa Presley tells us about an event that saved her life from a horrific event which took the life of her then husband and surely changed her life!!

  • Dark Gray billowing floating entities with eyes

    Far Out Thursday: Connie Tells!
    Yep! I tell one of my Far Out Encounters!
    Interesting encounter that could've ended terribly..?
    Dark Gray Billowing floating entities with eyes.

  • Radionics with Dr Mulder

    Far Out Thursday: Radionics with Dr Mulder
    Join me with guest Blue Rocker Dr Mulder to discuss his radionics business and technique.
    One special Blue Rocker will win a Wishing Machine
    and one other Blue Rocker will win a free wish! (or at least I'm trying to make this happen) :)
    7pm Eastern!


    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents
    Far Out Thursday: XENOPHON!
    Dave The Mystic brings an EXCLUSIVE to Blue Rockers!
    Some "thing" unknown is attaching itself to people!

    Join us at 7pmE here: https://www.BlueRockTalk.tv
    join us in the live chat: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/XENOPHON



    Far Out Thursday: Sean Worthington with CLOUD COIN
    Connie and Sean talk about CLoudCoin. Dr Mulder approaches the stage with more questions.

  • Psychic Security & Social Engineering (Jerry Avalos)

    Far Out Thursday: Psychic Security & Social Engineering.

    Are Public perceptions being controlled? (Disturbing)


    Jerry will be discuss his findings of someone trying to control public perceptions which involves manipulation on many levels. It gets deep and quite disturbing. You won...

  • Little Green Men? (Geraldine Sutton Stith)

    Far Out Thursday: Kelly, KY Incident with Geraldine Sutton Stith.
    Geraldine joins me to discuss how her family reacted when strange little grey goblin like creatures walked up on the front porch to take a peek inside their home.

    Meet Geraldine

    Watch the...

  • UFO on Camera (Donny Most)

    Blue Rock Talk Tv with Connie Willis presents
    Far Out Thursday: Donny Most
    Don has had a UFO SIGHTING (or two) he will tell us all about, with Video if he can figure out how to convert it, lol!! Don't miss this one. He is a very nice guy.
    Let me tell you, he's "Still got it!"!

    Meet Don:
    Don is ...

  • A Fairy and more (Brenda Harris)

    Blue Rock Talk TV presents:
    Far Out Thursday: Brenda Harris Round 3
    Blue Rocker Brenda Harris joins us with more great pics! Fairies, strange animal happenings and bigfoot are among the "things" seen in and around the 4 corners. A brief Cameo by Blue Rocker Farlan Huff with a few pics he wanted...

  • CHAMP! (Katy Elizabeth)

    Blue Rock Talk TV Presents: Far Out Thursday: CHAMP!
    Before our main event, we have a special cameo by a recent survivor of Covid-19. Please watch to see which Brave Blue Rocker this is!
    Then we talk with Katy Elizabeth about Americas LochNess monster named CHAMP in Lake Champlain!
    Katy Elizabet...

  • The Corona Story! (Will Champion)

    Far Out Thursday: Covid Conspiracy? Will Champion
    Wow, a must see!
    Join me with special guest, good friend, Blue Rocker, Whistleblower, plus the classiest as the come, Mr. Will Champion.
    Will discussed The Corona Story, whats behind it and perhaps the final aim!
    It ran long as he went into det...

  • COVID 19: Mother Nature or Man-Made?

    Blue Rock Talk TV with Connie Willis
    COVID 19: Mother Nature or Man-Made?
    Impromptu Live Chat with many opinions from Blue Rockers: Bishop James Long and others. Plus Jason McLeod joins in. This is right at the beginning of all the confusion. Also Blue Rockers John C Bond and Anita Hlebichuk

  • Thru the eyes of a Magickal Practitioner (Eira Wulfnothsson)

    Far Out Thursday: A Paranormal Experience through the eyes of a Magickal Practitioner.
    Eira Wulfnothsson gives us an informal talk on High Magic, Alchemy and Shamanism and how they relate to the paranormal experiences unfolding every day in your research and excursions. Eira will also share the s...

  • What Exactly is Tarot? (Anita Hlebichuk)

    Far Out Thursday: What exactly is Tarot?

    Blue Rocker Anita Hlebichuk, you know her, gives us a brief history of what they are and are not, explain where answers actually come from.
    She then pulls out 5 cards for the future of Blue Rock talk TV and answered a few of the question...

  • RMS Republic: $BILLION WRECK (Martin Bayerle)

    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents: Far Out Thursday!

    Connie Talks with Martin Bayerle about the Greatest Treasure Shipwreck Mystery Soon To Be Solved?
    Join us for the latest update on THE $BILLION WRECK!
    Martin Bayerle discussed his plan 4 years ago on Coast to Coast AM to pull up over...

  • Soul Braids (Mystic Dave)

    Soul Braids (Mystic Dave)
    FAROUT THURSDAY! Discussing anything from Aliens to Bees!

    Join me and DAVE THE MYSTIC discussing SOUL BRAIDS and More!
    Dave the Mystic (David Barnett) is an energy healer and intuitive with over 35 years' experience in Colorado. H...

  • The Kelly, KY Incident (Mike Crowe)

    Far Out Thursday: Kelly, Ky UFO Incident

    🖖 Blue Rock Talk's Far Out Thursday Connie Willis 7pmE (11/14/19)
    🖖Hey Blue Rockers, join me to talk about a very far out experience I had with Blue Rocker and Myth Chaser MIKE CROWE!!
    Possible evidence of where the UFO landed in Kelly, KY from the very...