Watch this video and more on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

Watch this video and more on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

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UFO on Camera (Donny Most)

๐Ÿ––๐Ÿผ FEATURED • 1h 34m

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  • Creepy Cryptid Accounts (CRYPTID 559)

    BLUE ROCK TALK TV presents:
    Bigfoot Friday: Cryptid 559!

    Blue Rocker Cryptid 559, otherwise known as Javier, and Jesus will talk about the area they feel is similar to Skinwalker Ranch!
    Also UFO Encounters, Dogman Encounters and the ole growing up in a haunted house story, most of us can relate....

  • Bigfoot Keeps Jeep from Leaving Fores...

    Bigfoot Friday: Brenda Harris Round 2!

    Brenda is back with more real Bigfoot encounters! Steve Bachman cameo!

    Recommended highly by Dave Oz with pics to show!

    " My name Brenda Harris I'm a housewife, married have three adult children. I'm a bigfoot investigator/researcher for 25 + yrs. I h...

  • Bishop James Long: Exorcist!

    Bishop James Long: Exorcist!

    BRT Classics FireSide Chats has me chatting with Bishop James Long a real Exorcist!

    A gifted man and a genuine friend.

    Bishop James Long, Presiding Bishop for the United States Old Catholic Church, is also known for performing 28 real exorcisms at the time I added ...