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Watch this video and more on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

Watch this video and more on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

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Huge Sas! (Dave Oz)

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    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents:
    BIGFOOT IN THE ROCKIES: A Day Documented

    It was a Great Day of Bigfootin' Documented!
    I was kidnapped on a cold January Day and taken to one of the several hotspots somewhere Deep in the Rockies with Tony and Ingrid Van Durant, better known as Sasquatc...

  • Structures and Snowballs

    Connie Willis of Blue Rock Talk and Coast to Coast AM, somewhere DEEP IN THE ROCKIES here ON THE ROAD WITH CONNIE and field researchers Sasquatch Journey.

    Hi Blue Rockers,
    Structures can also be seen as giant glyphs, these would be huge glyphs if that is the case. Tell me your thoughts on that ...

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    Blue Rock Talk presents Classic FireSide Chats

    Dr David M. Jacobs talking about Alien Abduction

    I spent a lot of time with David. He is very intelligent and has done extensive research. I find his books and findings amazing. I enjoyed meeting his wife too, he misses her dearly.

    I hope his s...