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Watch this video and more on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

Watch this video and more on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

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Parker Duvall Spiritual Journey into the Cryptid!

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    Blue Rock Talk presents Classic FireSide Chats with Frank Feschino Jr. talking to me about The Flatwoods Monster!

    Frank has so much research you would not believe it! He could talk for hours on this, and does! We only touch the surface here, and its fantastic stuff! His passion far exceeds anyon...

  • Day 2

    Back to Blue Rocker Hill Day 2
    This is our first full day, since getting there last night. It's a beautiful day.
    Upcoming, morning babble from me while walking with Penny, onto a great day of investigating and live streaming with Sasquatch Journey!
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  • Pterodactyl and WT..? (Dave Oz)

    🖖 Blue Rock Talk Presents Bigfoot Friday!
    Bigfoot Friday Dave Oz Part II
    Pterodactyl and WT..?

    Connie Chats with DAVE OZ live a second time with more great pictures to show us including the original shot of the "Huge Sas" from the previous show and a possible pterodactyl?
    Live show recorded: ...