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Watch this video and more on Connie Willis

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Arches and X's Galore



  • Do You See Them?

    Connie Willis of Blue Rock Talk and Coast to Coast AM, somewhere DEEP IN THE ROCKIES here ON THE ROAD WITH CONNIE and field researchers Sasquatch Journey.

    Hi Blue Rockers,
    I might see something here.
    Interesting enough, what I describe to see is what they have seen.
    They had not gone into det...

  • Walking Bigfoot (Brenda Harris)

    Bigfoot Friday: Brenda Harris
    Recommended highly by Dave Oz with pics to show!

    Brenda Harris is known for her personal experiences with bigfoot and possible skinwalkers at home and field. She has worked alongside with the Finding Bigfoot crew, Travel Channel's Monsters and Mysteries in America, ...

  • Creepy Cryptid Accounts 559

    BLUE ROCK TALK TV presents:
    Bigfoot Friday: Cryptid 559!

    Blue Rocker Cryptid 559, otherwise known as Javier, and Jesus will talk about the area they feel is similar to Skinwalker Ranch!
    Also UFO Encounters, Dogman Encounters and the ole growing up in a haunted house story, most of us can relate....