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Watch Roswell: Jesse Marcel Jr.

Watch Roswell: Jesse Marcel Jr.

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    Stephen Bassett: UFO-ET Disclosure

    Classic FireSide Chats! Stephen Bassett chats about UFO-ET Disclosure with me when he had a quick break.

    Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents a raw interview with Stephen Bassett.

    If Steve cant do it, NOBODY can!!!

    Steve is the hardest working man in t...

  • Lyn Buchanan: Psychic Spy

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    A very intelligent gentleman that I call a friend...

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  • Nancy Talbott: Crop Circles

    Blue Rock Talk's Classic FireSide Chats! Nancy Talbott talks Crop Circles!

    Nancy Talbott: Crop Circles

    NOBODY know crop circles better than Nancy! Thats all that needs to be said! She has unbelievable stories and more research that anyone.

    Check her out here: