🖖BLUE ROCK TALK with Connie Willis

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"After 25 years of a successful professional national broadcast TV and Radio career, I walk the walk meeting interesting people, visiting interesting places and investigating interesting "things".

You'll be Involved inside the Most Interactive and Most Participatory Network on the Planet here on Blue Rock Talk.

Join me in my Journey to the Highest!"

~ Connie🖖

🖖Hey Blue Rockers! 

Seems "Things" that are NOT supposed to exist - DO! After seeing so many anomalies myself, I'm in Search of the Truth of who we are as humans, who we are to the Universe and who we are to GOD.

A few ways to do this are meeting people of like minds, just like you! Talking with you. Walking with you. Listening to you. Staying open.

Also sharing conversations, walks and talks with you! I do that with Blue Rock Talk!


🖖Blue Rock Talk: the most Interactive/Participatory Network on the Planet!

🖖You get TOP BLUE ROCK TALK TV shows! And be inside my Blue Rocker Social Site where we meet others that think like us and where you will get all the updates of what is happening when!

🖖FAR OUT THURSDAY: On select Thursdays I converse with experts, researchers and/or eye witnesses discussing interesting topics from Aliens to Bees making honey "live". You are there in the live chat participating with questions, answers and even going up on stage with me and the guests if you'd like!

🖖BIGFOOT FRIDAY: on select Fridays I converse with Bigfoot researchers and eye witnesses discussing their finds "live" and showing evidence and pics when available. You are there in the live chat participating with questions, answers and even going up on stage with Connie and the guests if you'd like! Participate!

🖖ON THE ROAD WITH CONNIE: A Project where I take you with me camping virtually, via live stream and live chats, to secret active creepy hotspots overnight for 3-5 days with authentic researchers of Bigfoot, Dogman, UFOs, ET's, Ghosts and more across the US! Once again you are with me every step of the way with live streams and live chats. You keep an eye out with me and look over my shoulder too! We discuss it together and see if we can't get a bit closer to the truth! it can get quite spooky at times. In hopes of doing this monthly, however shows may be cancelled due to weather, health, financial and other unknown constraints. But let's hope not! :)

You'll be watching "live" safely at home in your jammies interacting with me and the other members while I'm deep in a forest somewhere amongst 12-foot-tall creatures lurking and beams of light shining! You'll help me with strategies, ideas, gear, and so forth to get answers to all this as it happens live!


Founder/Digital Host of BLUE ROCK TALK with Connie Willis

Weekend Host on COAST TO COAST AM




Sometimes activity simply does not happen. I'll doing my best to prevent that with known active hotspots, incredible researchers, establishing my own relationships and camping for longer periods of time.

Some areas will NOT have a good wifi connection. I'll find a way to keep you abreast by driving up the road or up a mountain for reception, and hopefully purchasing equipment that may work in these areas.

If myself or the team feels our lives are in danger beyond our own knowing, we plan to scram. No use feeling that way, there are many other locations to go to without feeling like it's one's last day on Earth. 

We are a "NO-KILL" group inviting them to join us, speak with us, show themselves and communicate with us. We are there to experience each other, establish a relationship and pass this on to you at home.

Here's the biggest disclaimer of all: I promise you, your life will change. You will see things differently. Everything you know will feel like a huuuge lie. You may or may not want that. Think about this, long and hard, before you join. These beings are real! The "Human Experience" as you know it, will be over.

~ Connie🖖 

All shows are subject to change or cancel or at any time for any reason. There are no refunds.