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🖖 Earth's Most Interesting Conversations with Connie Willis! 

"After 25 years of a successful professional national broadcast TV and Radio career, I walk the walk meeting interesting people, visiting interesting places and investigating interesting "things". You will be Involved inside the Most Interactive and Most Participatory Network on the Planet. Join me in my newest project and Journey to the Highest! Go On The Road with me!"

~ Connie🖖      


🖖 Who is this Connie chick?

Connie Willis is founder and host of BLUE ROCK TALK, with followers "in the know" called Blue Rockers, and a regular weekend host on COAST TO COAST AM which airs on more than 600 radios stations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Guam. She and George Noory The host of Coast to Coast AM have an on going call in bit called “Where’s Willis?”   Now she's created a new project with you involved:  ON THE ROAD WITH CONNIE: A PROJECT!

Connie’s been in the national radio/television professional broadcasting field for 25 years, hosting shows from sports to cooking to live TV Retail. You May have seen her on ESPN, SPEED, UPN, DISNEY, CBS, OXYGEN, HSN, and QVC, or heard her on the airwaves in Philly, Denver, Louisville, Lexington, San Antonio, Denver, Sarasota or Orlando. She has a BA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky and is a Certified Culinarian with ProChef and the American Culinary Federation, as well as being a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America/Greystone, known as the Harvard of Culinary schools. 

Connie is a serious student of HighStrangeness due to having her own experiences since the early age of 3. The memorable events as a child and many more thru-out her life, left her with strong desires to find the truth of these phenomenon. As a woman her perspective is as much emotional as it is factual which goes hand in hand. 

Connie is best known for going into the field of research to experience strange anomalies for herself in order to pull all the pieces of the puzzles together. She digs deep into mysteries of the inexplicable effects and synchronicity of events related to UFO, extraterrestrial encounters, Bigfoot and anything outside the range of normal human knowledge or scientific explanation including time travel, interdimensionals, PK, telepathy, Remote Viewing, crop circles, life after death, ghosts, mind control, reincarnation, etc…. due to her passion to know the truth, she researches all types of the paranormal, meeting new people everyday that can help her connect the dots to find an answer! 

Connie is a Certified Advance Controlled Remote Viewer taught under the direction of Lyn Buchanan and Lori Williams. Lyn is one of the Military’s top Psychic Spies from the top-secret military program called Project Stargate. Lori is all on her own now after being mentored by Lyn, jumping leaps and bounds with her abilities. 

Connie has written two eBook’s called WIN ANY LOTTERY, which provides a technique to win the lottery using a method the military uses to locate weapons, soldiers, and hostages using a pendulum. She was a guest blogger for Huffington Posts “Weird News” and was also a blogger and curator of 2012 Anno Domini and Paranormal World , and the content coordinator for Paranormal TV Channel, Paranormal TV and for Paranormal TV Hulu which provided free paranormal documentaries for Paranormal Media on the internet. 

BLUE ROCK TALK: Earth’s Most Interesting Conversations with Connie Willisincludes people, places and “things.” Its' growing followers are called “Blue Rockers”, who are “in the know”! Connie’s in hopes the Blue Rocker community will build across the world with Blue Rockers coming together as one when they are in need to help out in times of trouble in their local towns and cities!  

Blue Rock Talk has had a variety of shows, events, classes and Live Chats that have all participation oriented. Her past shows include Bigfoot Friday, Far Out Thursday, :07 in the Psychic Realm, Late Nite Live Chat, Book Buddies, Win Any Lottery Classes, Mystery Dinners, Paranormal Round Table, Swellness Wednesdays, Crypto Connie and then some. 

Connie is on a truthful journey to search out who we are to each other, who we are as Humans, and who we are to the Universe. She may, at times, be afraid to go there, but she still goes!

🖖 Blue Rock Talk: the most Interactive/Participatory Network on the Planet!